tapered interlocks
Tapered Interlocks

Better materials and precise size are key to Tapered Interlocks!

tapered interlocks-DC

Tapered Interlocks shows the video

Tapered Interlocks shows the video


This is a video collection of some of our products, but it’s not all of them, in fact we make most of them, including Tapered Interlocks, Side Lock, Top Lock, and so on. Our products have high precision, small tolerance and high hardness. We can carry out DLC coating treatment according to your needs.

tapered interlocks-Z051
  • This Tapered Interlocks is a HASCO Z051 model.
  • This Tapered Interlocks is very precise, with an error of up to 3μm, making it ideal for more precise molds.
  • The difference between Z051 and Z05 is that this product is fixed with bolts from the parting surface, which is easy to disassemble from the side of the parting surface and easy to maintain.
tapered interlocks-Z05
  • This Tapered Interlocks is a HASCO Z05 model.
  • This Tapered Interlocks is very precise, with an error of up to 3μm, making it ideal for more precise molds.
  • The difference between Z051 and Z05 is that this product is fixed with bolts from the parting surface, which is easy to disassemble from the side of the parting surface and easy to maintain.
tapered interlocks-Z06
  • This Tapered Interlocks is a HASCO Z06 model.
  • Taking into account the influence of the expansion of the mold after heating, the pin is open, so it is more suitable for high-temperature molds
Tapered Interlocks-TPNF
  • Tapered Interlocks-TPNF is a non-tapered precision positioning pin component. It processes the A° angle of the Tapered Interlocks to 0°. It is used for connectors. The electronic component mold uses a large number of small and precise cores and the spacing is narrow. In order to avoid cores When they collide with each other, precise positioning is required.
    ·This type of Interlocks is an ultra-precision level precision positioning pin. The conical surface of the pin and the outer diameter of the sleeve are less than 0.003mm.
Locating block-KY
  • Tapered Interlocks components are most suitable for crystallized resin and engineering plastics, such as mold temperature higher occasions.
  • During the thermal expansion of the template, the thermal expansion of the template can be absorbed by the installation of the matching surface of the Tapered Interlocks parallel to the thermal expansion direction, so as to ensure the correct positioning function.
Locating block-TSBF
  • This tapered Interlocks is MISUMI’s TSBF specification. We have the same quality, but of course our price is more advantageous.
  • In the case of a high mold temperature, if a common locating block is used during thermal expansion, the interlocks will not be heated uniformly, and the expansion will not be consistent, resulting in inaccurate positioning.
  • If Tapered Interlocks set the direction of the grooves parallel to the direction of thermal expansion, let them expand simultaneously, so that they will not be affected by thermal expansion.
tapered interlocks-1
  • This Tapered Interlocks is for  for rubber mold.
  • The characteristic of Tapered Interlocks for rubber mold is that, according to the size and requirements of the mold, the pins of Tapered Interlocks can be made longer, while the locating bush is generally through-hole.
tapered interlocks-TPN1
  • Tapered Interlocks-TPN is a tapered precision positioning pin component. There are multiple specifications for taper to choose from, generally 3°, 5°, etc. Please confirm the taper when purchasing
    ·This type of Tapered Interlocks is an ultra-precision level precision positioning pin. The conical surface of the pin and the outer diameter of the sleeve are less than 0.003mm.
Locating block-Z08
  • This Tapered Interlocks same as the Z080 size of HASCO.
  • This Tapered Interlocks Z080 and  Z08 are just “I4” sizes that are different there. The size of Z080 is 2mm higher than that of Z08.

Ten years of OEM experience makes our quality continuously improved

Our Tapered Interlocks has very good quality, Choose excellent raw materials and precision polish to minimize product errors and maximize precision. At the same time, we strive to reduce product costs and give you the most cost-effective products. More than a decade,we have constantly improved the quality of our large Tapered Interlocks products. 

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Tapered Interlocks


Because there is a gap between the guide pin and the guide bush, it is necessary to use higher positioning parts to ensure accurate mold clamping.

  • If the corresponding positions of the cavity (fixed mold insert) and core (movable mold insert) are not completely coincident, the core insert and the side core slider and other parts will collide and cause damage or abnormal wear. Sometimes It will also cause the size difference of the formed product and produce burrs.
  • Positioning the corresponding positions of the cavity (fixed mold insert) and core (movable mold insert) to prevent their misalignment can avoid such undesirable phenomena.
  • Connectors and electronic component molds use a large number of small and precise cores with narrow spacing. In order to avoid collisions between cores, precise positioning is required.
  • The side locating block components are installed on the side surface of the mold, which is extremely convenient for loading and unloading, and the mounting holes (grooves) on the template are easy to process.

Because the fit gap is extremely small, please use precision pole guide posts.

Usually a precision injection mold is composed of seven systems, and the positioning system is one of the important systems, also called the guiding system. Unreasonable positioning system design will greatly reduce the life of the mold, resulting in mold damage, product misalignment, and dimensional instability.


  1. Question: What is the difference between locating block and side lock in plastic molds?

Answer: The locating block has a wide range, including side lock, top lock, interlock and so on. They are in different positions, but the functions are mostly the same. They are why the upper and lower molds can be closed without deviation; or according to the plan Move in the direction. Side lock mainly refers to the positioning device installed on the side of the mold.

  1. Question: What injection mold needs a side locating block? Is the positioning accuracy of the four guide pins still not enough?

Answer: Any part will have tolerances. The longer the guide pin, the greater the deformation, and the greater the friction stroke with the guide bush. Therefore, as the number of mold openings increases, the wear guide pin and guide bush have almost no accuracy at all. As the name suggests, it’s just a guide. At this time, the role of the mold lock is revealed. It can play a role of precise guidance and positioning at the last 15-20mm of the clamping stroke. The locating block also has a name called “guide pin assistant” for this reason;

  1. What are the materials used in the locating block?

Most of our locating blocks use mold steel (1.2510) with a hardness of HRC55-58. They can also be produced with SKD11 materials according to customer needs.

  1. How accurate is the locating block?

The locating block mainly relies on the accuracy of the positioning surface to achieve positioning. Our standard accuracy is 0.01mm, but the accuracy of the ultra-precision level is between 0.003mm-0.005mm.

  1. What are the main aspects of evaluating the performance of locating block?

First of all: a good locating block must first have better materials, they must be hard enough and not easy to wear. THREEUP’s locating block uses high-quality raw materials from well-known companies to ensure that the raw materials of the products are good enough and will not use false low-grade materials to pretend to be.

Secondly: the heat treatment of the locating block is very important. The mold lock after heat treatment is more hard and wear-resistant. How to choose a heat treatment partner with stable and reliable quality is important. THREEUP’s heat treatment is the most famous heat treatment manufacturer in the local area, which can guarantee the quality of the locating block

Finally: the accuracy of the locating block is very important. Only skilled workers, excellent grinder equipment, and too much good work can produce qualified products. Of course, the work of a responsible quality department is also very important. Fortunately, THREEUP did this.

  1. Why is the color of some locating blocks black or gold?

The black mold lock is made of DLC coating. DLC coating is also called diamond-like carbon coating. It is an oil-free and self-lubricating coating with high hardness and ultra-low friction coefficient. It reduces the friction between mold lock, There by increasing the service life of the locating block. The golden one is made of a titanium coating (Tin), which has the advantage of improving the wear resistance of the mold lock, preventing the locating block from jamming, and reducing the sliding friction coefficient of the locating block, so that the locating block fits more smoothly.

  1. There are many types of locating block, how do I choose?

There are indeed many types of mold lock. How to choose it depends on the following points.

First: customer requirements. Generally speaking, European customers are accustomed to using STRACK specifications and HASCO specifications, Japanese and Southeast Asian customers love to use MISUMI specifications, and American customers love to use DME mold lock. This is not only a question of habit, but the important thing is that it is easier for customers to find the same type in the local area. Replace the locating block.

Second: the structure of the mold. The commonly used mold locating block is to install the locating block on the periphery of the mold. In this case, a side lock is required. However, sometimes due to the limited structure of the mold and the influence of waterways around the mold, the internal style is also selected. In this case, you can choose top lock and interlock. In some molds, because of the high temperature, in order to avoid the influence of expansion, taper models, such as tapered locks, are used.

Third: the accuracy of the product. Our locating block has ordinary models and high-precision models to choose from. If some high-precision electronic products are recommended to use high-precision locating blocks, and molds that do not require strict product accuracy can use ordinary models, their The price will be more advantageous than high-precision products.

  1. What is special about the taper locating block?

The taper locating block component can absorb the thermal expansion of the template when the mold temperature is high and ensure the correct positioning function.

Some high-temperature molds, if common l mold lock are used, sometimes cannot fully absorb thermal expansion. In this way, due to uneven heating, the locating block may be inaccurately positioned due to different expansions, so that the mold lock cannot be completely matched.

At this time, if the taper locating block can be used to set the direction of the groove parallel to the direction of thermal expansion, it will not be affected by thermal expansion.

  1. How long is the delivery time of the locating block?

We have a certain amount of stock for commonly used locating blocks, and some locating blocks need to be produced, which usually takes about a week. Large quantities of orders need to be separately determined for delivery.

  1. What is the minimum order quantity for mold lock?

There is no minimum order requirement for our mold lock. Of course, if you plan to purchase too few quantities, it may not be very cost-effective for freight.

  1. How to get the quotation of mold lock?

You can initiate an inquiry on this page, or send an email to tao@szthreeup.com for consultation. We will ship your mold lock by express delivery such as DHL or TNT. We can also arrange shipping for large quantities of orders.

      12. Why choose our mold lock?

Our company’s mold lock categories are diverse, which can meet your various purchasing needs. We use high-quality raw materials and better heat treatment to ensure the quality of your products. We are still doing OEM for some international companies. Under their strict procurement requirements, we are constantly improving our product level.

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