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Slide Core Units-RCSUM

We can produce products from Sankyo, Misumi, etc., using better materials, so that you can purchase products with better performance at a lower price.



1. The product design is simple and easy to install;
2. The anti-turnover structure is installed in the rotating shaft bearing of the fixed base of the inclined guide bar, so the inclined guide bar is easy to install;
3. Because of the compact structure of the fixed base of the inclined guide bar, the possible interference with the mould caused by the inclined movement is avoided;
4. The installation Angle of self-lubricating plate ranges from 0o to 10o, which can be selected according to the shape product’s concave and convex condition on the inner side;
5, the three sides of the self-lubricating plate are embedded with solid lubricant, wear resistance, load resistance, good resistance to sintering, and can be in the state without adding grease to maintain long-term performance stability.