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Slide Core Units-MTGL/MTGR

Spherical Guide Bushing Set For Inclined Pin Standard Type MTGL (Left handed) MTGR(Right handed) Sankyo Standard Oil-Free Slide Units For Loose Core -Standard/Fixed Type- (Part Numbers) Inner wheel : Copper Alloy Oilless Type Outer wheel: S45C-H( I C45 A 1045) The operation temperature is from 0˚C to 170˚C. Features of Oil-free Slide Units for Loose Core 



Product description:
The Spherical Guide Bushing Set is usually used in conjunction with the Slide Unit for Loose Core, which is suitable for large moulds. Or the use of a relatively long diagonal bar across several sets of templates, in the opening and closing of the mold to prevent the template stuck diagonal bar to protect the role of the bar.The internal copper spherical guide slider has a swing of 0°-20° tilt Angle, which is very easy to install. The copper ball is inset with graphite, which can reduce the wear and damage of the inclined rod when opening and closing the mold, and can play a role of dry lubrication to avoid the phenomenon of the inclined rod sticking.
1. Each set of inclined top device contains three parts: the inclined top bar, the inclined top slider and the inclined top seat;
2. The inclined top slider is connected with the inclined bar by an arc so that it can automatically adjust the Angle;
3, through the reasonable installation Angle (5-10°) to ensure smooth ejection, will not appear stuck phenomenon;
4. When opening and closing the mold, each part shall ensure smooth sliding, so that the bump position of the plastic parts can be safely released to push the product out smoothly;
5. The size of the slide core units can be selected according to different travel.
6.MTGL is suitable for left handed,MTGR is suitable for right handed.