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Round Locating Units-TPN

This taper lock set  widely used in a variety of molds. We have 4 levels to choose from depending on the requirements of precision.



Product overview:
Due to the gap between the guide column and the guide sleeve, a taper lock set is needed to ensure accurate die closing.
If the corresponding positions of cavity (fixed die insert) and core (moving die insert) are not completely matched, the core insert and side core-pulling slider and other parts will collide and cause damage or abnormal wear, and sometimes lead to size difference and burr of formed products.
Round locating units can be used to locate the cavity (fixed die insert) and core (moving die insert) to prevent them from being misplaced.
It is installed around the fixed model cavity and used for positioning when closing the mold.Because of the circular structure, the installation part is easier to process.
Tapered Round Interlocks are available in two types: standard type and split type. The split type can be removed from the side of the split face for easy maintenance.
This product is divided into four grades according to the difference of precision, namely TPN(male and female parts are not compatible with each other),TPNV (tolerance less than 0.01), VTPN(tolerance less than 0.005), and ZTPN(tolerance less than 0.003). Each standard pair should have different specifications and models, please refer to the specification table for details.