Round Latch Locks-Z163/Z164

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Round Latch Locks-Z163/Z164

We can produce this pressure sleeve and bush using better materials, Just like HASCO’s Z163,Z164; so that you can purchase products with better performance at a lower price.



Product features:
1. The function of this pressure sleeve and bush is to completely reset the thimble plate before closing the mold, so as to prevent mold damage.
2. It can be used as Early Units or two-stage ejector depending on the installation method.
3. Internal installation to avoid conflicts with external installation parts and waterways.

Installation instructions:
· Installation is conducted according to the use purpose, see P1 and P2 for use as the reset mechanism, and P3 and P4 for use as the secondary ejection;
·SZ163 and SZ164 need to be used together with a thimble to achieve the function of reset or secondary ejection mechanism
· Each mold shall use at least 2 sets or more than 2 sets of push-plate reset mechanism, and shall be installed symmetrically;
·If the installation is not symmetrical, it may cause a single set of reset mechanism to bear force, and the component will break due to unbalanced force;
· Regularly add lubricating oil to the matching parts of components;
· Ensure that the reset push rod is accurately loaded into the front part of the ejecting rod (SZ163).
· Carry out coordination function test to check whether each part of the reset mechanism is smooth and the stroke is consistent.