Date Mark Pin A-12

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Date Mark Pin A-12

The middle inserts are replaceable and reusable



Similar to OPITZ’s DATI 9000,MISUMI’s DTBZ、DTEZ. CUMSA’s FD, O-type date marked pins use the interchangeable design, and you may replace the inserts on the mold without disassembly of mold for replacement.
The external ring indicates the spring positioning, and you may engrave any number and pattern.The inner ring is the mult ple edges angle positioning, and the number of edges and angles is12angleand10 angles.
Compact structure saves the space of mold, and the installation method is the screw lifting structure at the tail.

Name A B C L
A-12 6 4.2 2.4 17
8 5.8 3.6 20
10 7 4 20
12 8.5 5 20
16 11.5 7 20
20 14 8 20