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Broken Needle-BN

Disposable meal boxes, packaging boxes and other products to open the door when the use



In thin wall products such as disposable lunch box, food preservation box, to breathe freely often require several holes machining, such as when we use a thimble products to the wall, as there is no buffer plunger, lower die plunger in the clamping process due to the impact will be broken (long plunger) or go to the wall does not reach the designated position (short), the conventional solution is to use the bottom of the plunger spring buffer.In order to solve this problem, the new type of broken needle came into being. It is easy to install the wall needle and punch holes in the place where it needs to be broken.When the template collides, the pin in the middle of the pin expands and adjusts under the action of the spring.It can not only form the effect of breaking the wall, but also avoid easy damage by force collision.