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Air Valve-VAN

Innovative design, can effectively extend the service life.
Match with a gasket with a filter screen to prevent the spring from getting stuck by impurities.
High temperature resistance up to 250℃.



Combining the advantages of CUMSA’s FV and CUMSA’s VH,we specially made filter gasket can not only filter debris and impurities in the airway, prevent the spring from getting stuck by debris and impurities, but also make it easy to remove the air valve without damage.
When the air ejector is matched with the shell at60 degree inclination,
the extrusion separation decreases and no stuck.
Core and shell are rotated by hexagonal, and arc surface with 5 degree
deviation is allowed to be used.(Refer toP 1)
Conical surface acts as both supporting and matching surface,
so the sealing is more precise.
Adding a filler for removal, the bottom of the gasket can be knocked out without cracking.
There are four air-permeable slots in the conical surface of the shell
with the depth of 0.005-0.020mm, which can discharge excess air from the die cavity during the generation process(Refer toP 2/P 3)