Mold Date Insert

  •   This mold date inserts No need to disassemble the template, The inside arrow can be Replaced from the PL side (internal side of the die) without removing the plate.
  • Similar to DME’s OWN、YMN、OYN、YWN、ODN、OSN、AMN、OBN, And also Similar to CUMSA’s FT、OPITZ’s DATI 1000
  • Replace the inserts on the mold directly without disassembly for replacement.
  • The installation is convenient, the spring positioning and part structure are simple.
  • Remove the core before installation to avoid damage to the screw tooth part of the core






D(mm) L(mm) d(mm) M
3 14 16 M2
4 14 2.5 M2
5 17 3.1 M3
6 17 3.1 M3
8 20 4.6 M4
10 20 4.6 M5
12 25 6.4 M6
16 33 8.4 M8
20 33 11 M8

Material: SUS 420

Hardress: HRC 48-52

Other sizes can be customized.

Both the arrow core and the case body can be purchased separately.







Provide you with all styles of Mold Date inserts

  • According to the size specification you provided, the content
  • According to your drawings
  • According to other company’s product code
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