Three major standards of mold and accessories industry

Mold is the mother of industry, and mold parts are an important part of the mold, it can be said that the technical development level of mold parts determines the development level of the mold.  At present, from the perspective of the world, mold accessories have formed three standards: DME, HASCO and MISUMI.

DME, founded in 1942, is the world’s largest manufacturer of standard die parts in the die and die industry. DME’s standard parts are widely used in North America, Europe and Asia.

HASCO was founded in 1924 in Germany, is one of the world’s three production standards of mold parts, its standards of strong compatibility, simple design, easy installation, reliable operation, stable performance. It has been adopted by most countries in the world.

MISUMI was founded in Japan in 1962 and has achieved industry standards in the stamping die field through an innovative catalog sales approach. In the 1970s and 1980s, Japanese manufacturing became popular all over the world. Thanks to the development of Japanese manufacturing industry, Japanese mold industry also became the country with the largest mold output in the world. MISUMI also took the opportunity to develop into one of the three world mold standards, especially favored in Asian countries.(PUNCH, another well-known Japanese mould and accessory company, shares a common origin with MISUMI, and their standards are almost the same.)

In recent years, other companies like CUMSA, MEUSBURGER, STRACK, and others have had unique products in their fields, They were respectable companies, but they had not yet developed new standards.

And China, although it is the world’s largest mold production country at present, because of the late start, lack of innovation, so did not form its own mold accessories standards.   But Chinese mold makers had to learn from all the standards of the world because they were taking orders from many countries around the world. In this case, China adopted every standard and improved it. The same is true for THREEUP. In order to meet the needs of more customers, we can provide DME, HASCO, MISUMI and other standard mold accessories. Taking advantage of the powerful advantages of Chinese manufacturing, we are able to offer similar products with better quality, lower price and faster delivery.