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SINCE 1999
Mould Components Factory with 20 years' experience in producing mould components
  • Mould kernel processing
  • mold pin production factory

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Mold standard accessories products

Our standard accessories range from Date Stamp, Ejector Pins, Sleeves, Latch Locks, Slide Rettainers, Inter Locks, Ejectors, Cooling Systems to HASCO, DME, Cumsa, Misumi, Strack and other companies.
We have the same quality, but at a lower price

  • mold accessories
  • mould accessories
  • Mold core processing
  • Mold core processing

Mold core processing

We provide you with mold core processing, mold kernel processing, precision equipment, skilled workers, serious attitude, warm service, can let you rest assured that your mold core, mold kernel to us to process.
Save cost for you, save time for you.

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