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Q: What are the company’s main products? How about the quality?2020-04-17T09:55:06+08:00

A: Our main commodities are mainly mold accessories, including date stamp, porous metal, side lock, guide pin, slide retainer, locating units sprue bushing and CNC non-standard processing

Q: How about the company’s processing equipment? Is there any corresponding testing equipment?2020-04-17T09:55:42+08:00

A: The company has many CNC machines, the latest five-axis machining center, precision lathe, grinder and other processing equipment, as well as CMM, hardness tester and other testing equipment.

Q: Is the company’s main market? Which clients have you worked with?2020-04-17T09:55:53+08:00

A: Besides the Chinese market, Germany, Spain, Italy, Korea, Canada and Turkey are also our main destinations. We do OEM work for some large mold and accessory manufacturers. We cannot provide their names due to the requirement of trade secrets.

Q: How will the goods be delivered? How to avoid the damage in the process of transportation?2020-04-17T09:56:03+08:00

A: Generally speaking, mold parts are relatively light and light. We will deliver them by DHL, TNT and other express. In some large orders, we will also ship them by sea according to customers’ needs. We have professional packing cases and bubble cotton to ensure the safe arrival of products.

Q:How do I collect the money? Is it possible to accept cash on delivery?2020-04-17T09:56:14+08:00

A: Because the unit value of the mold parts is not high, and many of them need to be customized, because we cannot accept Cash on delivery, we take the way of Cash advance, but we promise that we will be responsible for the quality of the products to the end. Quality and reputation are our life.