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mold date inserts

Mold Date Inserts shows the video

Mold Date Inserts shows the video

A02 has a simple structure, non-replaceable core,

The most widely used, the most cost-effective, unit price is even less than $1.

mold date inserts-A3

No need to disassemble the template, The inside arrow can be Replaced from the PL side (internal side of the die) without removing the plate. It is convenient for repair and maintenance.

It has accurate arrow indication, and uses ball positioning;
You can swap the the inserted parts from the end of the date stamps without dismantling mold.
The inserted parts can change its year, suitable for long-time production mold, so as to save cost of the mold.

mold date inserts 1

The core of this datestamp with whole type material can be selected changed.
When instaling internal insert, anticlockwise rotation is required.
Tail end of date stamp has thread which is convenient for fixing by screw at backend.

The inside arrow for month indication can be rotated the PL side, but it is replaced from Plate side.

The main body of the Mold date stamp adopts a stepped shape, which solves the problem of sticking and falling off of mold date inserts from the inside of the mold cavity in injection molding production.

The side of the main body is equipped with pin positioning to prevent the rotation of mold date inserts.


This mold date inserts No need to disassemble the template, The inside arrow can be Replaced from the PL side (internal side of the die) without removing the plate.

mold date inserts 1

The micro date marked pins use the sub-surface pressure structure and O-ring
posioning for convenient install at on, and it is applied to the data indicat on of the mold of small electronic parts.

mold date inserts A
  • This date stamp has 6 year and 12 month indicators, and can also be made into 1 year and 12 month and 31 day indicators.
  • It is an integral structure and cannot be replaced with the middle indicating year
mold date inserts A13

Similar to OPITZ’s DATI1800
Tail screw structure for easy installation

This mold date inserts  no need to disassemble the template, The inside arrow can be Replaced from the PL side (internal side of the die) without removing the plate.

Similar to DME’s MRI,CUMSA’s IR、PM
Environmental protection stamp indicates indication sign to recover plastic products due to those reasons, such as the age and decrease of quality, etc.

mold date inserts 1

Suitable for Mold Date Inserts used in die casting or high temperature molds
Threaded bottom for mounting and replacement
Fonts can be more sculpted

20 years of experience in the production of Mold Date Inserts

As a professional mold Accessories manufacturer, we have been producing Mold Date Inserts for more than 20 years.
Over the past 20 years, we have sold millions of Mold Date Inserts, mounted on hundreds of thousands of molds around the world. We are privileged to supply mold Date Inserts to so many customers. We have won the trust and recognition of our customers with reliable quality, competitive price advantage and fast delivery time.

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Mold date inserts

In plastic mould, mold date inserts is installed above a part, embedded in a cavity or core surface or on the wall, use its surface engraving graphics or relevant Numbers and letters on the injection molding product identification information of the product production date, material, client code, shift, etc., in order to better to trace and to distinguish the products, Improve production efficiency and management.

The Mold Date Inserts components of THREEUP are easy to use, safe and reliable, only need to rotate the inner core with a screwdriver on the parting surface side to adjust to the required marking position, so that text or marking can be formed when plastic products are molded.

The use of Mold Date Inserts can not only facilitate the quality management and production batch management of formed products, but also provide a reliable basis for the classification and recovery of discarded formed products.

THREEUP are many kinds of mold date inserts, but the structure principle is similar and the size of different manufacturers is slightly different. At present, there are mainly the following ways of classification:
Classified from brand type: MISUMI standard, OPITZ standard, HASCO standard, DME standard, CUMSA standard, etc.
From the structure classification: integral mold date inserts, replaceable core mold date stamp, stepped mold date stamp, three round mold date stamp, die-casting mold date stamp, etc.
Special digital mold date stamp, various environmental protection marks mold date stamp, etc.

Our company can produce mold date stamp products of various series, specifications and characters, and can also be customized according to the needs of customers.




1.What are the dimensions and specifications of mold date inserts? What types of mold date stamp can you produce?

We can produce Mold Date inserts in various specifications. Our product sizes can vary from D2.6 to D25. In addition to the standard length, we can also customize the length according to the specific requirements of customers.

2.What are the material characteristics of mold date stamp?

Our mold date stamp are generally made of stainless steel SUS420. They have the characteristics of high hardness and not easy to rust. At the same time, we also have some models made of beryllium copper for better heat dissipation. Some other products are suitable for die-casting molds. Such mold date stamp are made of SKD61 material, which has a higher hardness.

3.Why some of the mold date stamp cannot be rotated after installation?

This is mainly caused by the following reasons: first, the opening of the mold date stamp is too small, which leads to the tight fitting of the m mold date stamp during loading. Second, the installation method is not correct. For some mold date stamp with replaceable core, it is necessary to screw out the core first during installation, and then tap the shell gently with a copper hammer, and then slowly screw in the core of it. In this way, the core of the mold date stamp will not be destroyed. Third, the temperature of the mold is too high. The temperature of some molds exceeds 150 degrees Celsius, which will lead to the decline or failure of the internal spring. It is suggested that high temperature resistant mold date stamp should be adopted for such high temperature molds.

4.What are the factors affecting the price of mold date inserts?

The first is the style of mold Date Inserts, some of which are more complex in design and have replaceable interiors. Mold Date Inserts like this tend to cost more because they require more production procedures and more precise fitting.

The second is the size of the mold date stamp, The cheapest size of our company’s mold date inserts is D6-D12. Due to the small size of D2.6-D5 mold date stamp, the processing difficulty is particularly great. Similarly, when the size exceeds D16, the price will be relatively high due to the factor of raw materials.

Third, the precision of mold date inserts will also have a significant impact. Some mold date stamp are less precise and have a large diameter error. An oversized diameter will cause trouble for mold date stamp when they are installed, and will not easily rotate the core behind them. Too small a diameter will cause mold Date inserts to fail to fit tightly into the mold cavity, causing a risk of shedding during production. Of course, these mold date stamp may be cheaper. THREEUP date Inserts are very precise, to within 0.005mm, and can be used safely.

Fourth, some mold Date inserts are produced with cheap raw materials, which have not even undergone heat treatment. mold date stamp have a poor hardness, and the cheap materials are vulnerable to corrosion or rust. THREEIP’s mold date stamp are all made of SUS420 stainless steel, all heat treated, rustless, and of high hardness. We hope we can provide better quality products and save you more cost.

5.How long is the delivery date?

We have a certain quantity of commonly used mold date stamp in stock. Some non-standard mold date inserts need to be customized, so we can deliver the goods within three days. For large quantities of orders, the delivery date needs to be determined separately.

6.What is the MOQ ?

Our mold date stamp have no minimum order quantity requirement. Even if you only need one, we will serve you warmly.

7.How to get the quotation of them?

You can make an inquiry on this page, or send an email to for consultation. We will deliver the goods by DHL or TNT

8.Why choose our mold date stamp?

Our company has more than 20 years of experience in the production of mold date stamp, and has done OEM for some large international companies for more than 15 years. We are very reliable in quality. Our mold date stamp have a wide range of products to meet your various purchasing needs.

9.How is the font of mold date inserts carved?

Most of our mold date stamp adopt laser engraving fonts, and some of them adopt mechanical engraving machines to engraving according to customer requirements. The font of mold date stamp carved by laser is black, while the font of them carved by machine is metal primary color.

10.Do you have mold date stamp suitable for die casting?

Yes, we have m mold date stamp suitable for die-casting molds, but their structure is very different from that of plastic molds. They don’t have inner core that can rotate. It is necessary to date mark by striking on the surface of mold date stamp. There is also a screw type, with a number of different character specifications, through convenient replacement to change the product display characters.

11.Some mold date inserts can be replaced. Can we buy the core separately?

Yes, for those mold date inserts that can be replaced with the core, we can provide the core separately. For example, the price of the core is only 1/3 of the price of the whole mold date inserts, so that you can save the use cost of the mold.

12. How to replace mold date inserts?

According to different types of mold date inserts, we have different replacement guidelines. Integral mold date stamp need to tap out the old mold date inserts from the bottom, and then tap in the new mold date stamp from the parting surface with a copper hammer. For some mold date stamp that can be replaced with the core, we first remove the core of mold date inserts. If only the core needs to be replaced, we do not need to remove the mold date stamp body, and the core can be directly replaced. If the body needs to be removed further, the body also needs to be knocked out for replacement. Replacement of the same need to first install the body, and then rotate into the core, must not be loaded at the same time, so as not to cause damage to the core.

13, What are the advantages of three-lap mold date inserts?

Three-lap mold date inserts can display the mark of year and month or even month and day on a mold date inserts. If it is year and month, it can display 6 years and 12 months. In this way, there is no need to change for 6 years in the working life.It saves a lot of time and cost.

14.What equipment do you use to produce mold date inserts? What is your output?

The production of Mold Date Inserts needs to use automatic lathes, laser engraving machines, engraving machines, grinders, etc. Our company has dozens of the above equipment, which can produce all kinds of Mold Date Inserts 5000 each day.

15, Can you produce raised typefaces?

All Mold Date Inserts models can be used to produce raised fonts, but the characters on the surface of the product are concave. This is not conducive to demoulding, and compared with ordinary mold date inserts, they will be more expensive.

16.Now I am using XX company’s mold date stamp. Can your  product I purchased be used on the original mold?

We can produce most of the specifications of mold date stamp on the market. You only need to tell us the model of mold date inserts you are using now, and we will give you the same products. They can perfectly replace your previous mold date inserts. No modifications to the mold are required.

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