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Your Best Mould Accessories Manufacturer with one-stop Service

  • Over 20 years of Mould Accessories manufacturing experience
  • Standard Mould Accessories include products that can replace HASCO, MISUMI, and DME
  • Non-standard Mould Accessories sizes to meet your special needs
  • CNC machining centers shorten your  mould making cycle
  • 5 Axis CNC to help you finish the complex Mould Accessories process
  • Strict inspection procedure ensure the quality before shipment


All Types of Mould Accessories to Support Your Project and Business

As a professional Mould Accessories manufacturer and factory in China, Threeup has been in the injection Mould Accessories industry for over 20 years.

Wide range product line can meet your mold design needs, save your purchasing time and cost.

Threeup can help you to realize the one-stop procurement of Mould Accessories, from standard Mould Accessories to complex mold core processing.

  • Five-axis machining center

Mould Accessories

mold date inserts


In plastic mould, mold date inserts is installed above a part, embedded in a cavity or core surface or on the wall, use its surface engraving graphics or relevant Numbers and letters on the injection molding product identification information of the product production date, material, client code, shift, etc., in order to better to trace and to distinguish the products, Improve production efficiency and management … Read More

Air poppet valve

The Air Poppet valve makes it easier for products such as lunch boxes and milk cups to come off, suitable for automated production.
.. Read More

Mold Lock

Mold Lock is a common Mold Accessories on molds, different kinds of molds need to choose different specifications of Mold Lock, we can provide you with various types of products Read More

loose core

Slide Core is one of the most critical components in plastic mold manufacturing. Using Slide Core simplifies mold design and facilitates maintenance and replacement during processing and use. ThreeUp ensures the precision of the processing of Slide Core. Has rich experience in the control of machining quality and heat treatment….. Read More

locating block

Locating the Block is for the area, and its accuracy determines the precision of the Locating, so we can ensure your mold is accurate down to 0.005,… Read More

Slide retainer

We are able to provide you with 99% of Slide Retainer products commonly used in the market, no matter what size and size, you can always find them here. … Read More

mold cooling components

Mold Cooling Components are an important part of the Mould Cooling Accessories, and there are too many kinds and specifications of them. However, there is no problem. Let us know your purchase requirements and we can provide you with all Mold Cooling Components you need

Ejector pin (2)

As a professional manufacturer of Mould Accessories, we have an automatic thimble production line, with a daily output of 20,000 pieces. We can keep a large stock, deliver goods quickly for you, and also OEM for you

Cosmetic mold core also requires high processing accuracy. The biggest problem for cosmetic mold is how to smooth demoulding. We have rich experience in processing these special-shaped mold cores.


For 20 years, we have only produced mould components

ShenZhen Threeup Mold Fittings CO.,Ltd founded in 1999. We insist on precision technique、 high quality、 best service.We had won the trust and support of many customers with ours advanced , reliable product and warm service level.

Now we have four Mould Accessories factory, they are production date stamp and gas vent factory, Ejector pin factory, standard parts processing factory, non-standard parts processing factory.

We have thousands of products in 10 product series. We also do OEM for some famous international companies. Cooperation with these top companies will also enable us to continuously improve our product quality.
We look forward to working with you to develop a better future!

Mould Components Manufacturers, Since1999

Over 20 Years Mould Accessories Manufacturing Experience

Over the past 20 years, we have provided tens of thousands of high quality Mould Accessories  for countless mold factories, and our excellent quality has been recognized by a large number of customers at home and abroad.

Mould Accessories has a complete range of products

Mould Accessories product line rich.
Our products are Mold Date Inserts, Gas Vent Series, Latch Locks Series, Slide Rettainers Series, Ejector Series, Locating Parts Series, Gate Series, Coating Element Series.

Faster delivery

We can save time for you from the perspective of customers. We provide faster delivery speed. We have a large inventory of many standard Mould Accessories and we can also deliver some non-standard Mould Accessories processed products within 4-6 days.

More sophisticated equipment

We have a number of 5-axis machining centers, 4-axis machining centers and more common CNC machine tools, we can provide from the mold core machining to micro mold parts processing, parts accuracy up to 0.005mm.

Rigorous testing

We have a number of sophisticated detection instruments,include Coordinate Measureing machine(CMM),Profile Projector,Altitude gauge,Tensile testing machine,Hardness Tester and Digital Height Gauge. Our rigorous team will guarantee the quality and quality of your Mould Accessories.

Lower prices

Under the condition of ensuring excellent quality, we can reduce the production cost as much as possible. We can let you purchase more high-quality mould components products at a lower price and increase the competitiveness of your products. For us, this is a win-win situation.

Our classic case

THREEUP's porous steel have been approved by SILVER BASIS

Porous steel is a new kind of Mould Accessories. It is a new kind of porous metal material, which has the advantages of high strength, high toughness, corrosion resistance and air permeability.
The use of the mold can quickly remove the air and plastic volatile gas in the mold cavity, eliminate the defects caused by poor exhaust, such as: scorching, flow marks, lack of material, flaps, etc.

Recently, our Porous steel has been recognized by SILVER BASIS Company and has been successfully used in the latest mold of SILVER BASIS Company and achieved good results, which has been praised by them.


The reverse use of cooling tube is successfully developed in Midea company

The cooling tube is often used in the cooling system of the mold. Its structure is copper shell, copper wall is capillary core, internal heat conduction materials, heat conduction efficiency is 200 times that of ordinary copper. It is very suitable for some mold core products that are not easy to design water to cool down, and heat dissipation through its high efficiency of heat conduction.

But in thermoplastic products, the product does not need to be cooled to form, but needs to be heated to allow the thermoplastic to solidify. When midea company designs a motor mold, the effect of using copper to heat is not ideal. We hope that we can provide a special heat conduction tube to shorten the molding time of the product. After many experiments, our modified heat conduction tube was successfully adopted by the American company, which shortened the production time from 55 seconds to 40 seconds, greatly improving the production efficiency.

Non-standard Ejector Pin is well received by many customers

We have a fully automatic Ejector pin production line, which can produce ejector pin of various specifications, including DME standard, MISUMI standard, HASCO standard such as, we can stock a large number of goods.
However, more and more customers need to use some non-standard Ejector pins in the process of use. Sometimes they are flat Ejector Pins, sometimes they are stepped ejector Pins, and more often they need to process various shapes in the front segment of the thimble, which are suitable for different molds. The past they need to buy back to standard ejector pin and then to processing, so need to waste more time and cost, Now we can customize processing for customers, according to the customer’s drawings, complete processing, so that when customers buy back can be directly installed and used, greatly saving the time of mold development.

2-automatic ejector pin production line

The new product

mold core pins 23
Mold Core Pin

Precision 0.01mm, concentricity 0.005mm, hardness 58HRC,

Double rack lifter
Double Rack Lifter

Multi-angle ejection, save mold space, save mold cost

Non-standard Ejector pin
Non-standard EJector Pin

We can customize all kinds of non-standard EJector pin for you, according to your drawing requirements, so that you can save processing time, save processing costs, direct installation and use.

Quisque sodales tempu


    What kinds of Mould Accessories can you produce?

    We are able to provide the mainstream Mould Accessories in the current market, including HASCO products, DME products, MUSUMI products. Many times, you just need to tell us the Mould Accessories codes you need and we’ll provide them for you.

    Are your qualities reliable?

    We have more than 20 years of experience in producing Mould Accessories, and over the past 20 years, we have been recognized by more than 2,000 customers in more than 30 countries.

    How can I purchase your Mould Accessories?

    You can contact us by email: , tell us the product model you need, or photos, drawings and so on, we will contact you as soon as possible

    How long will your Mould Accessories take for shipment?

    In many cases, we have most of the Mould Accessories in stock. If you need a small quantity, we can ship half of them within 3 days. However, if you purchase a large quantity, we may need a certain amount of production time, about 2 weeks.

    Who are your main customers?

    Our Mould Accessories are of good quality, and we do OEM for some famous international companies. However, for confidential reasons, we can’t tell you their company names, but you may be able to save more money if you find us to buy them.

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